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Wyatt Probate Files at the Delaware State Archives

For information on other families please visit the Delaware State Archives. The dates refer to all the documents in the probate file. It does not necessarily indicate death dates. The notes are my conclusions from other research. If you can identify other people on this list, please send a message to
Name Date Notes
Wyatt, Andrew  1928 Son of John Wyatt
Buried in Wyatt Cemetery
Wyatt (Wiatt), Boaz  1790-1801  Abstract of Will
Wyatt, Charles P.  1900  
Wyatt, Charles P.  1918-1919  
Wyatt, Charles Q.  1896 Son of Charles P. Wyatt?
Buried in Barratt's Chapel Cemetery
Wyatt, Daniel  1886-1887  Family Bible
Wayatt, Esther (Easter)  1822-1824  
Wyatt, Helen  1916  
Wyatt, Henry  1853-1854  
Wiatt, Isaac  1894-1897  
Wyatt, James  1899-1900  Buried in Barratt's Chapel Cemetery
Wiatt, James D.  1822-1824  
Wyatt, James J.  1863-1865  
Wyatt, John  1811  Grandfather of John Wyatt d. 1887?
Wayatt (Wiatt), John  1825-1826 Buried in the Wyatt Cemetery?
Wyatt, John, Sr.  1785  
Wyatt, John  1885-1887 Link to Descendants
Buried in Wyatt Cemetery
Wyatt, Joseph  1868-1870  
Wyatt, Major  1854-1855  Family Bible
Wyatt, Major R.  1924-1925  Buried in Hollywood Cemetery
Wyatt, Mary A.  1892-1893  
Wyatt, Maryan  1770 Abstract of Will
Wyatt, Mary E. S.  1903 Buried in Barratt's Chapel Cemetery
Wyatt, Moses  1811  
Wyatt, Moses  1832-1834  
Wyatt, Nancy  1901  
Wyatt, Purse  1915-1916 Wife of Charles A.Wyatt
Buried in Hollywood Cemetery
Wyatt, Robert  1902-1906  Buried in Barratt's Chapel Cemetery
Wyatt, Samuel  1856-1857  
Wyatt, Samuel  1916 Buried in Barratt's Chapel Cemetery
Wyatt, Sarah J.  1924  
Wyatt, Thomas  1762 Abstract of Will
Wiatt, Thomas  1800  
Wyatt, Thomas  1812-1813  
Wyatt, Thomas  1830-1832  
Wyatt, Wesley W.  1903  Buried in Hollywood Cemetery
Wieatt (Wyatt), William, Sr.  1790-1800 Abstract of Will
Buried in Wyatt Cemetery?
Wyatt, William  1902-1904  Buried in Hollywood Cemetery