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Source: deValinger, Leon. Calendar of Kent County Delaware Probate Records, 1680-1800. Dover, Public Archives Commission, 1944

Page: 197. Date: 5 January, 1762

Wyatt, Thomas. Yeoman. Admin of, to Mary Ann Wyatt, widow & William Morris, son of Mary. Reg. of Wills, Liber K. Folio 271. Note: Arch. vol A56, page 175 shows Thomas as the youngest of nine children.

Page: 246. Date: 29 December, 1769

Williams, John. Admin of, to Mary Williams, widow. Arch. vol. A55, pages 95-96. Reg of Wills, Liber L, folio 69. Note: Arch. vol A55, page 95 shows heirs, Elizabeth Ward, Tabitha, John & Thomas Williams, Joseph & Peter Calloway, James Sapp & William Wyatt.

Page: 251. Date: 18 May, 1770

Wyatt, Maryan. Admin of, to William Morris, next of kin. Reg of Wills, Liber L, folio 79.

Page: 291. Date: 4 August 1774

Bannock, William. Will. Mispillion Hd. Heirs: wife Alice; son William; daus. Elizabeth Bannock, Mary Abbet, Rachel Wilkinson. Exec’rs, wife Alice & friend John Cox, son of Thomas. Wits., Aron Wieyatt, William Wieyatt, Richard North. Prob. Aug 9, 1774. Arch. vol. A5, pages 149-150. Reg of Wills, Liber L, folio 156.

Page: 329. Date: 4 March 1781

North, Richard. Will. Heirs: wife Rachel; sons Thomas, John & Daniel; daus. Ann Wiat, Mary & Rachel North. Exec’x wife Rachel and son-in-law Thomas Wiat. Wits., Solothial Newman, Robert Loud, Elizabeth Newman. Arch. vol. A38, page 48. Reg of Wills, Liber L, folios 225-226.

Page: 367. Date: 16 February 1785

Derochburne, Joseph. Admin of, to Rachel Derochburne. Arch. vol. A14. Reg of Wills, Liber M folio 48. Note: --Arch. vol A14 page 15 shows that Rachel Derochbrune married William Wyatt; page 16 mentions children Jacob & Charlotte Derochbrune.

Page: 427. Date: 22 March 1790

Wiatt, Boaz. Admin of to Elizabeth Wiatt. Reg of Wills, Liber M. Folio 231. Note: Arch vol A54 page 216 shows that Elizabeth Wiatt married Pilliman Cubbage; also mentions minor children Sarah & Charlotte Wiatt.

Page: 430. Date: 2 April 1790

Wiatt, William, Sr. Mispillion Hd. Heirs: sons Thomas,William, Moses, Aaron, Furbush & John; daus. Judah Newman, Edeliah Griffith, & Margit Griffith; grandsons Lamuel & Thomas Wiatt. Exec’r son, Thomas. Wits., Ester Wilkenson, Thomas Wilkenson, Jr. Thomas Wilkenson, Sr. Prob. April 27, 1790. Arch vol A54, pages 219-221. Reg of Wills, Liber M, folio 240.

Page: 457. Date: 29 August 1792

Wyatt, William. Admin of to Thomas Wyatt. Arch. vol. A56, page 179.

Page: 464. Date: 23 April 1793

Lord, Henry. Admin of to William Wyatt. Reg. of Wills, Liber N, folio 45.

Page: 481. Date: 18 November 1794

Cain, John. Farmer. Admin of to Triphana Cain. Arch vol A7, pages 68-69. Reg of Wills Liber N, folio 88. Note: Arch vol A7 page 68 mentions heirs Margaret Cain (wife of Thomas Wiatt), Susanna Cain (wife of Elijah Anderson), Lydia Cain (wife of Elijah Sapp), Hastey, Tilda, Ruben & Triphana Cain; page 69 mentions children Major & John Cane.

Page: 496. Date: 30 September 1795

Bostick, Noah. Admin of to Margaret Bostick. Reg of Wills Liber N folio 128. Note: Arch vol A4 page 269 shows that Margaret Bostick married Thomas Wiatt.